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Tom Cameron

Tom Cameron, Owner and President of TCA, is a former educator. He has served as a public school superintendent for 18 years in rural and suburban schools. Tom also worked as a business manager for a prominent portrait studio.

In addition to his work history, Tom has served as President of the Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools, and has been an officer or on the Board of Directors of United Suburban Schools Association, and the Oklahoma Association of School Administrators. He has also served on the Oklahoma State Superintendent's Advisory Council.

Tom has also been a member in civic organizations such as Rotary Club, Lion's Club, Elks and several Chambers of Commerce.

Tom's experience as a school administrator gives him an understanding of schools and government that can help them solve their unique problems. As a business owner and manager, he understands the challenge of increasing profits for companies.

In 2001 Tom Cameron became a Strategic Business Partner for Profiles International, Inc. Since that time, he has been trained in the use of Profiles International products and has presented seminars at their international conferences.

Tom has served as a consultant to superintendents in over forty-five school districts including Morris, Copan, Hominy, Locust Grove, Gans, and Brushy. Tom is also associated with Stephen L. Smith Corp., Oklahoma's premiere government financial consultant, helping our clients with bond issue and lease purchase needs.

Rick Prentice

In April of 2009 Rick Prentice joined TCA and he brings experience in federal programs, school maintenance and improvement, and school administration. Rick will help handle TCA's education accounts, federal programs administration, and in-service training.

Sherri Prentice

Sherri Prentice joined TCA in May of 2009 assist in superintendent consulting, budget consulting, and in-service training. Sherri has been a superintendent for seven years and has held leadership roles in OSAC, OASA, OTA, OCIC, and OK-Acts. She has expertise in school finance, administrative technology, administration and Professional Learning Communities. While working with TCA she has also served as a school district treasurer.

Kristy Snider

Kristy Snider brings extensive experience in competitive and federal grant writing. She is working with our school clients to aid in identifying grant eligibility and grant writing. Her grant writing skills have helped TCA clients receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant awards.

Marsha Norman

Marsha Norman joins TCA to help expand our superintendent consulting and budget consulting services. She brings eleven years of experience as a superintendent and a total of twenty-three years in school administration. Marsha's leadership in education includes co-chair of the Oklahoma Schools Advisory Council. Her experience in budgeting and leading a school district through tough economic times and growth will be very valuable to our clients.

Mary Fletcher

Mary Fletcher has served as a superintendent and administrator. She brings years of experience in writing and supervising Federal Programs. Mary will be assisting us in the expansion of our Federal Program services.

Cecelia Cameron

Cecelia Cameron, Oklahoma's first Da Vinci A+ Teacher of the Year recipient, has thirty-four years of teaching experience. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Elementary Education. She has also served as a gifted and talented education teacher and learning disability's teacher.

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