Eliminate poor customer service, hire or train employees to exceed your standards

85% of customers who said they were satisfied also said they were willing to try other suppliers.- (University of Texas, Dr. Robert Peterson)

Your customers need reasons to be loyal to your business. Which is why how you train your employees and who you select is so important. Customer service is not a department; it is an important function of every employee. "Just because you got 'em doesn't mean you'll keep 'em".

AT&T reports that 10% of the customers who rate the company’s service as ‘good’ will not repurchase and 50% of those who rate it good are undecided. In other words, at the ‘good’ level, 60% of AT&T’s customers are at risk of defecting to someone who does it better.- Sustaining Knock Your Socks Off Service by Thomas K. Connellan and Ron Zemke

We help companies implement a pre-employment & post-hiring assessment known as the Customer Service Profile™. This tool helps you identify employees with superior customer service skills, as well as coaching existing employees to greater success. Get the critical information you need to know to improve customer service in your organization and select or train your employees to "handle with care" when dealing with customers.

Remember, acquiring new customers costs 6 to 10 times more than selling to existing customers.

Two-thirds (67%) or more of customers who chose a new supplier said they were satisfied with their former supplier.- (Harvard Business Review, Dr. Frederick Reichheld)

Energize employees, enhance your organization's image, impress customers, improve positive word-of-mouth, and increase repeat business. These are powerful mechanisms for growth and success.

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Implement the Customer Service Profile™ to create a successful employee selection system by job-matching candidates and improve your training to existing employees.

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