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A national organization of fraud examiners estimates the average loss to business from employee fraud and theft at $9 per employee, per day. That amounts to about $2,000 per employee in one year.

Employees can steal in many ways and at all levels whether blue collar or white collar. While some take money and property, other forms of employee theft may take more subtle forms such as wasting time, taking unauthorized time off, Internet surfing, or punching a time clock for another employee.

We help companies implement a pre-employment screening assessment at all levels of the organization known as the Step One Survey II®. It identifies and predicts problematic employee theft issues and much more by screening for patterns in behavior. Populate your organization with high integrity reliable employees who will make gains in productivity, improved company morale, and increased profits.

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Pre-employment screening is a vital component of a successful employee selection system. Step One Survey II® helps you screen for honest employees early in your selection process.

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