Improve your employee screening and hiring practices

Chances are good that up to 66% of your company's hiring decisions will prove to be mistakes in the first twelve months. - Peter Drucker, Management Consultant

Business guru, Peter Drucker, estimates that two-thirds of employee hiring decisions may be hiring mistakes.

Have you hired some excellent employees and ones who have failed?

Did you use the same employee screening method to hire both?

Do you think that the only method of hiring quality employees is 'tossing them at the wall to see if they stick'?

It's not experience - or college degrees - or other accepted factors... 'success' hinges on fit with the job. - Harvard Business Review

Many companies and managers answer "YES" to these questions. Due to antiquated selection processes and lack of reliable information many companies’ hiring methods produce inconsistent results. The hiring process is a strategic and valuable place that you can cut costs and maximize productivity when using consistent and reliable tools that make your process work effectively.

Tom Cameron & Associates help companies implement pre-employment & post-hiring assessments from Profiles International such as the Step One Survey II® and the ProfileXT®. These industry-leading tools help you identify desirable traits of potential employees using our exclusive Job Fit technology and "job match" the candidate to a position your company. They are known to reduce turnover by 50% (often the percentage is significantly more). We also offer other solutions to many issues created by poor hiring practices including:

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