Hire effective leaders from within your company

The hallmark of a great leader is one who sets his or her successors up for success, rather than failure.

However, in many companies this is not the case. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, 1991, found that executives set their successors up for failure, chose weak successors, or both in over 75% of the comparison companies in his study. Collins indicated that because of ego or what he calls the "Big Dog Syndrome", these executives did not leave behind companies that would be great after they were gone.

Performance Management

Succession Planning is an important part of a company's workforce performance management system.

Don't let your company fall victim to the memory drain when top performers leave or retire. In order to ensure your company's long term success, it is important to think about career tracks for your employees that will match them with duties and responsibilities that maximize performance, employee morale, and company success.

Succession Planning

The ProfileXT® "Total Person" assessment is a powerful solution that can help you assess an employee's job match with a specific position, as well as other positions for which they may be qualified. A candidate or incumbent's ProfileXT® data is compared with Job Match Patterns for a number of jobs and an easy to read and understand report is given to you with job match percentages for each of those positions. This creates a powerful succession plan for the individual and the organization.

The ProfileXT® measures and predicts performance in essential areas where an employer needs to make the most effective promotion decisions. The ProfileXT® utilizes advanced technology that predicts job suitability and accurately matches people with the work they do now or in the future.

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The Profiles Sales Assessment™ and Customer Service Profile™ add additional valuable succession planning information for sales and customer service related positions. Used in tandem with the ProfileXT®, your organization will benefit from having the most comprehensive information available for making succession planning decisions.